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Ubiquitous Video: Why We Need a Robots.txt For the Real World | John Battelle's Search Blog

So might we all, in some not-so-distant future, have our own “robots.txt” – a signal that we can instrument at will, one which is constantly on, a beacon which others can pick up and understand? Such an idea seem to me not at all far fetched. We already all carry the computing power and bandwidth on our person to effect such a signal. All we need is a reason for it to come online. Glass, or something like it, may well become that reason.

Semantic Web meets The Internet of Things

The Internet of Things is coming, but it needs a semantic backbone to flourish. With some 25 billion devices expected to be connected to the Internet by 2015 and 50 billion by 2020, providing interoperability among the things on the IoT “is one of the most fundamental requirements to support object addressing, tracking, and discovery as well as information representation, storage, and exchange.”…

5 Hyper-Local Marketing Trends to Watch


AdAge’s Judy Shapiro visits the Street Fight Summit in NYC and identifies some key trends for those in local marketing to look out for:

Social Local Mobile

  1. An ongoing transition from Big Media to Community Media
  2. The importance of unique customer experiences
  3. New availability of tools that bring market intelligence to everyone
  4. A shift from customer acquisition to retention
  5. Recognition that local isn’t as easy

Perch gets a nod as one of the new technologies helping to drive these transitions in a way that empowers small business owners:

"A new free app that provides businesses with local social media and promotional competitive monitoring. Powerful stuff."

Read the full overview at AdAge

At the intersection of Liberal Arts and Technology

technology and liberal artsHuman beings, their languages and their tools have always had a complex relationship.

This relationship plays out in constant iterations in today’s massive data ecosystem, a structure underpinned by specific technologies and deployed with the frenzy human interactions.

To successfully navigate this system, one must be able to recognize the interactions between humans and technology, and avoid the trap of man vs. machine. We are all cyborgs now.

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