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The map begins to penetrate the territory.


Counterstrike Paintball

A Redditor has discovered a real-world replica of a map from the multiplayer FPS ‘Counterstrike’, possibly for paintballing. No one is really sure where this is - one thread points to being based in China, another that it’s based in the UK and put together in 2003 (!!!)

You can see more examples and follow the conversation at Reddit here

This is an interesting observation of patterns of “IRL” behavior, and it’s a pattern we recognize throughout the history of information retrieval systems. Before Google, the learning curve of document search was steep, and required a user to construct queries unlike those of natural language.

As these systems become embedded into our everyday lives, our practices of information seeking will become compromised to their design. Let us hope that the architects of the emergent “Internet of Things” appreciate their role in developing the kind of world in which they want to live.


As algorithmic systems become more prevalent, I’ve begun to notice of a variety of emergent behaviors evolving to work around these constraints, to deal with the insufficiency of these black box systems…The first behavior is adaptation. These are situations where I bend to the system’s will. For example, adaptations to the shortcomings of voice UI systems — mispronouncing a friend’s name to get my phone to call them; overenunciating; or speaking in a different accent because of the cultural assumptions built into voice recognition. We see people contort their behavior to perform for the system so that it responds optimally…”

If our generation can be defined artistically in a single way it is that of the collector-archivist. We are naturally disposed towards nostalgia, and deep freeze cultural informatics is our greatest cybernetic feat.

To understand the euphoria and confusion of my generation is to loop the part of Bill & Ted’s in which Beethoven rips a decisively Steve Vaiesque guitar solo on a synthesizer, and thus we intrinsically understand the nature of the eternal rip.

Daniel Lopatin (via betaknowledge)
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