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40 years ago today, Richard M. Nixon finally decided if he’d lost Dr. Suess, he’d lost Middle America.

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"So may night continue to fall upon the orchestra, and may I, who am still seeking something from the world, be left to my silent contemplation, with my eyes open or closed, in broad daylight."
André Breton (Surrealism and Painting, 1928 (via aurai)

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For all you book-sniffers out there.


The chemistry of what causes new and old book smells
For all you book-sniffers out there.


The chemistry of what causes new and old book smells

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This Used to Be the 15th Street Tavern →

There will probably never be anything like this dearly departed sh*thole of a rock club in Denver.



The 15th Street Tavern, 623 15th St. (between Welton and California streets)

This Used to Be: Where grizzled old reporters took cubs like me for a drink when it was a bar called the Sportsman’s Inn. Back then, The Denver Post newsroom and its printing press hummed along right across the street, where the Hyatt Regency Hotel now sits.

In 1995, Denver’s dingiest bar was transformed into Denver’s dingiest rock club… I remember the White Stripes, Bright Eyes, the night the Murder City Devils set the stage on fire in 2000.

Is now: Such an oddity.. a communal garden of some sort, but one that is padlocked and closed off.

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Sympathy for the Comcast Rep from Hell →

I’ve been on a few “Customer Retention” calls before (on both sides,) and this post actually gets the the heart of why this kind of exchange continues to occur between service providers and customers: Perverse Incentives in the form of both Carrot and Stick.

Of course, it’s absurd that a company like Comcast is able to force two humans into combat like this in the first place. If you don’t take the existence of a near-monopoly company like Comcast for granted—and why should we?—the situation is as clear as can be: The rep didn’t abuse Block, and Block didn’t torture the rep. Comcast, the organization, is tormenting them both.

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